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Dungeons and Naggins

An Irish Comedy Adventure Game, with drinking!

Steve Bennett is the Nagginlord, Creator of epic comedy adventures for comedian guests.


LIVE SHOW; Podcast;

& Corporate Team Building Activity,

Dungeons and Naggins is the perfect introduction to Role-Playing Games for new players.

Buy the Play at home board game now,

The perfect gift for the nerd or noob in your life! 

LIVE Shows

Get tickets to the next Live show
at MOB Theatre Dublin, link when available

The live shows are a lot of fun!

you'll watch comedians play live on stage;
make decisions to influence the story;
drink along if you want;
take part in games;
and play characters by reading lines

It's the perfect introduction to RPGs
for people who aren't sure what that means!

Team Building Activity

Dork out, fight monsters and crack up!

Comedian Steve Bennett invites your group on a unique epic adventure

Dungeons and Naggins is the perfect intro to tabletop games for new players.

Get in touch for more info about the D&N live show for your event,


Perfect for table groups of 2-8,


LIVE Show for large groups

 Select 2 heroes (or guest comedians) to represent your whole group

while the crowd makes choices and gets involved in the story

through mini games and dice rolling. 

Either way, you'll have a great night of dice, laughter, and optional drinking.

It doesn't get more team-build-y than this!


Podcast Dungeons and Naggins Steve Bennett
Dungeons and Naggins Irish Comedy Podcast

Dungeons and Naggins is a Podcast where

 Nagginlord Steve Bennett teaches comedian friends

how to play as heroes in hilarious and epic adventures

across the fantasy world of Nagginthia.

Seasons 1 and 2 were recorded with a mix of in-person and over zoom, with loads of hilarious comedian guests,

laughing as they learn to play this gamefor your entertainment. 

Listen to Season 3 now with new live show recordings 

Play at Home Board Game

An Irish Comedy Adventure game, with drinking

It's the perfect intro for new players,

looking for a simple, fun game.

An excellent gift for gamers and non-gamers!

30 mins,

2-6 players,

Optional drinking game rules!

more info on

Click here to buy it now!

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