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Dungeons and Naggins

I'm Steve Bennett, creator of Dungeons and Naggins. Dungeons and Naggins started several years ago when my friend asked me to do a D&D game for his 20 somethingth birthday. None of us had played any Tabletop Role Playing Games.

I made it anyway! There were simple rules because none of us knew how to play and I couldn't afford the books!

There were drinking game rules because we were all drinking anyway

I spent so long making maps and characters and tables and we used nearly none of it!

But we all had a great time, and I loved making games so much that I kept going and going. Dungeons and Naggins was a game we played at house parties and over a few episodes, I could see what people wanted: shorter games, more danger for their characters, and more gambling!

Then I decided to make the show into a podcast where standup comedian friends would come play for a while in my imaginary world of Nagginthia.

I pitched it as a Live show for the 2019 Dublin Fringe and it sold out! Great Guests, crowd participation, I made the show 55mins because people needed a wee if they were drinking along!

Dungeons and Naggins is one of my favourite comedy shows to perform on stage!

The crowd gets involved in story choices and dice rolls, people have a fun time, it's great!

And Wow! the Live show recordings were a lot of fun, well they are harder to record and harder to edit... wow these sound like trouble. BUT they are my favourite adventures in the world of Naggintha so I reckon they're worth the effort.

I've put a lot of time and effort into working on the Dungeons and Naggins board game which will make the game more accessible for non gamers.

2 minute setup, 30 minute game , 2-6 players , drinking game rules optional! It's a Quick Fun Adventure Game for people who want an authentically Irish Laugh.

Dice Drinks and Danger, Grab some friends and play Dungeons and Naggins!

Watch out for the upcoming Board Game, Dungeons and Naggins on Kickstarter!

(see updates on game development and pictures @dungeonsandnaggins on instagram and tiktok)

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