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I'm Steve Bennett, Welcome to the Blog Page

I'm Steve Bennett, I run comedy events to bring people together in laughter.

I won't keep explaining everything that's in the About page.

I'll be using this Blog to update you on my work, I hope to post a mix of pictures and videos from my team building and entertainment events, development of the Dungeons and Naggins Board Game and upcoming projects and shows !

Irish Comedian Bringing Groups Together in Laughter
Steve Bennett Comedy Blog

Dungeons and Naggins

D&N is a Live Show, Podcast, and it's an upcoming Board Game

Dungeons and Naggins started as a table game with friends with simple rules.

I loved making games so much that I kept going. I added comedians and more game show elements, crowd participation, made the show a reasonable length and Dungeons and Naggins is one of my favourite shows to perform on stage! I'm working on the board game so I'll put some updates here on the website.

Reach out and say hi!

Get in touch via the contact page on the website. Let me know if I can improve my blog!

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