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Kickstarter final few days!

The kickstarter for the Dungeons and Naggins Board game has been a huge success. As I'm writing this, we're about 600% funded.

Numberous stretch goals have been unlocked and I'm blown away by your support.

By my napkin maths, around 400 people will get a physical board game with other cool rewards and many more will get digital print and play copies of the game.

I want to say thanks so much to everyone who has supported and shared the project. Making a board game to bring people together in laughter has always been a dream of mine. You've helped make that dream come true and I really appreciate it.

If you don't get the game on kickstarter in the next few days, you'll probably but not necessarily be able to get it in the future. I'll be stocking it in select shops or you can join the mailing list to get update on when it'll be available or in print again. So if you want the dungeons and naggins board game, you should get it on kickstarter before November 8th. After that you'll get less, pay more and wait longer.

(Please don't have a go at me after the campaign because of this, the folks on kickstarter who supported the project early will be rewarded, go join them)

More details soon. and on the social medias

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